With the aim to increase the speed and quality of both residential and commercial construction across the United States, the brand new Supaloc® factory is bringing its advanced manufacture technology to American shores.

Ideal Building Product
The Supaloc® system is ideal in many construction applications and will fast-track projects such as workforce accommodation, office buildings, villas, and porto-cabins because of its rapid manufacturing process and fast site erection. Easy fixing of components and availability of a various external and internal claddings means you do not have to compromise your design or build quality and in some cases you can dramatically improve sound and thermal efficiency over conventional building materials.

Engineered to perform
The Supaloc® system is an innovative, world leading, light gauge steel framed building system ‘engineered to perform.’™ Utilising high grade tensile steel and patented connectors, the Supaloc® system uniquely connects roof - wall - floor creating a strong super structure that is light weight resulting in reduced costs of foundations while also improving earthquake resistance performance.

Steel Rollform Machine Steel Framing Machine Steel House Frame

Unique Patented Technology

One of the key benefits of the Supaloc® system is the component connections which dramatically reduce on-site construction time. Other light gauge steel companies focus on producing more ‘stick‘ product (‘C’ section) while still having to deal with conventional assembly and erection methods. The Supaloc® system focuses on machine produced ‘smart’ sections incorporating connections and easy site erection technologies reducing the amount of labour and trades needed, therefore reducing project run time and costs.